Immediate Guided Dental Implants

Hi, I am Dr. Rothman. Today, we are going to talk about the topic of immediate implants using our Yomi robot for guided surgery. One of the exciting things that propelled Dr. McKay and I to invest in this technology was the ability to do an immediate guided implant.

Previously, you had to make an impression, send it off to the lab, and get a splint fabricated to do guided surgery. Now, all we have to do is make a scan, put a splint in your mouth, and we can virtually do the surgery the same day. This eliminates weeks of waiting for a guided surgery. Some people cannot wait for weeks to have a replacement done, especially if it is a front tooth, they want something done immediately. This gives us the capabilities to immediately go in there and do the guided surgery to give the patient the best result with exact precision. We know where this implant is going to be placed and we are able to plan this from the crown down. This gives the dentist the best restorative options for getting you the best aesthetic result. That was one of the things we found very appealing about this technology.

Here is an example of a case that we did that fits that mold. One morning a young lady came in who had broken her front tooth horizontally at the gum line. She was extremely stressed because she had an important meeting to attend and did not know what to do. We were able to do a scan and create a guided plan. She returned after lunch, and we placed the splint, we removed the tooth, and placed the implant immediately. She was also able to be temporized the same day. In most cases it takes the dentist a day or two to get the patient temporized, but this way people get a very rapid functional result and this lady was very, very pleased. She was able to get back to coaching, go on her recruiting visit and that made her excited.

If you want the precision of guided surgery, but you don’t have the time to wait, give us a call. The nice thing with our new robotic technology is we are able to accommodate most all people.

Thanks for listening, we appreciate it.